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We’ve created a collection of articles to help you figure out what type of pool is best for you, your family and your budget. Remember you can always email us if you have any suggestions or questions that you would like us to answer!

So, what does a swimming pool cost?

The number one question we get asked is “How much is a swimming pool going to cost?”.  It’s a very hard question for us to answer as there are a lot of different factors to take into consideration when pricing a pool project.

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How long does it take to build
a new swimming pool?

One of the key things people ask us when they’re looking to build a pool is “How long is it going to take?” There are a few factors to consider that will influence how long it will take to construct your pool, these include (but are not limited to):

  • Planning your pool
  • What type of pool you choose (e.g. concrete or fibreglass)
  • The time of the year you build
  • Approval from local authorities
  • Any other contractors required

Here’s some more detail about how these factors can impact how long it will take to build your pool:

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Concrete vs Fibreglass
– which is the better choice?

When you start exploring options for an in-ground pool, you’ll discover that some pool builders have two options to choose from: concrete or fibreglass. Trying to decide which option best suits your needs can be a bit overwhelming when you first start looking, this article covers the advantages and disadvantages of both types of pools to help you make the decision.

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From 1st January 2017, all Compass Pools sold in New Zealand will be sold with a pink exterior to celebrate our recent partnership with the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

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